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6th Degree Black Belt Troy Gervais has been studying the martial arts for over twenty years. Fourteen of those years as Chief Instructor and Owner of Villari’s Self Defense Center in Scarborough, Maine. Master Gervais started his martial arts training as a young boy in Maryland. He was later reintroduced to the martial arts as a young man, by his father, Master Edward Gervais in the mid nineties. Since that reintroduction he has made the martial arts a way of life for himself, and enjoys sharing that knowledge and experience with others. 

Master Gervais enjoys working with all age groups, from the youngest of students to the adults in his energetic and informative Shaolin Kempo Karate classes. He teaches and emphasizes three key principles, Respect, Discipline and Self-Control. He reinforces the idea that the martial arts are a way of life and are not to be used out of anger or revenge. Rather, they are to be used as a last resort to defend one’s self or others. With this mind set in place Master Gervais trains tirelessly to hone and perfect his craft, so that he can be the best martial artist that he can be and the best instructor for his students.

5th Degree Black Belt Edward Gervais started his martial arts journey at the Scarborough, Maine Villari’s in 1994 with instructors Kim and Mike Johnson. Since then he has gone on to become a mentor and devoted student of the martial arts as well as a Senior Instructor in the Shaolin Kempo Karate system. Father to Master Troy Gervais, Master Edward Gervais has enjoyed instructing for 20+ years with his son as a former student. Today he works mainly with adults and prefers to focus on the simple and realistic techniques of the martial arts (street defense).

Master Gervais grew up in Maine on a small family farm until he joined the Army after graduating High School in 1969. He also served in the Air National Guard until 1997 when he retired at the rank of Master Sergeant.

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1018 N. Main St.  Boerne  TX 78006

(830) 331-7411

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