Grand Master Villari

12th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Fredrick J. Villari has been teaching the martial arts since he opened his first dojo in Waltham, Massachusetts in 1968. Since its inception Villari’s Martial Arts Centers have been teaching the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate to anyone wanting to gain the physical as well as the mental capabilities to defend themselves in a number of fighting situations. Grandmaster Villari is credited with revolutionizing and enhancing the martial arts towards practical fighting. He also demystified the thought that only a select few should be able learn these skills.

In studying and mastering the arts of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kempo and Karate Grandmaster Villari found that each had their own particular strengths as well as their glaring weaknesses that would leave an individual vulnerable. He realized that there were four ways of fighting (striking, kicking, felling and grappling). By combining these methods of fighting it would eliminate weaknesses and vulnerabilities to create a well balanced, diverse martial artist. The Shaolin system is the back bone of the Villari style because Grandmaster Villari felt it was the best for promoting good health, wisdom and longevity, incorporating mind, body and spirit into one.

Grandmaster Villari’s art of Shaolin Kempo Karate and his “Four Ways of Fighting” has become widely recognized and respected by many martial artists and gained him an induction into the World Masters and Black Belt Federation Hall of Fame in 2006. His method has spread across North America with 500 dojos in the U.S. and Canada. Grandmaster Fred Villari is a pioneer of the martial arts in the western world. No other master or style can lay claim to the unique fighting system of Villari’s Shaolin Kempo Karate. He is still actively teaching and demonstrating his effective and unique system in Villari’s Martial Arts Centers to this day.

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